Mount Stewart on Sunday 2nd July 2023

A special date for the diary – one with a lot of history!

The Ulster Automobile Club are proud to announce that there will a static display of cars which took part in the Circuit of Ireland Retrospective event in front of Mount Stewart House on Sunday 2nd of July 2023. The ‘Retro’ was a rally which focussed on the cars from the 60’s to the 80’s and followed many of the original Circuit of Ireland Rally Stages, only this time the roads weren’t closed. The weekend event started on a Friday night with a number of auto tests followed by a gruelling night navigation test.

Saturday and Sunday comprised of more auto tests and regularity sections where an average speed had to be maintained between a number of points, a true test of skill and mental agility, just like the original Circuit of Ireland before Road Closed Stages were introduced.

Come and see some magnificent examples of the cars ‘from the good old days’!!

Following on from the extremely successful event last year there will be another children’s Pedal Car Challenge. The Club will also be displaying some of our trophies from the Circuit of Ireland Rally, Craigantlet Hill Climb and other historic events inside the house.

There will be free entry for those providing cars on display and participants in the pedal car challenge. A reduced entry fee of £3 will apply to UAC members.

Please contact : Paul Robinson 07952 663786 or [email protected] for more details about the display and entry to the Pedal Car Challenge.

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